Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fatal Mistake

Derek is going to be the cause of a heart attack--& I predict it will be before he's 4. My BIG mistake of the day: not getting a shower before Dan left for school. I needed a shower, though, so I decided to try it--with Derek & Jeremy running loose around the house.

Jeremy comes into the bathroom while I'm showering & says that Derek has let the dog out of the house (oh no! not again!). So I quickly get out, dry off, get dressed.

Then it hits me... "Jeremy, where's Derek?"



I run to the front door & peek outside. I don't see him, so I'm hoping maybe Jeremy was wrong?? No such luck. I hear Derek, so I call to him & he comes around the corner of the house. Apparently he went after the toys we left in the driveway yesterday in our rush to get ready for trick-or-treating.

What I learned from this mistake: from now on, when I MUST take a shower & it's not naptime & there's not another responsible adult in the house, I will lock & bolt all the doors. I will lock Snickers in the basement & turn off all the lights so Derek won't go down there. I will instruct Jeremy to stand guard over Derek & not let him near any of the doors. In fact, I think I'll chain Derek to the dining room table.

Better yet, & much easier, I'll just put Derek in his room & lock the door ... from the outside.

Oh, and did I mention that Derek is going through I-love-to-take-off-my-pants-&-diaper-&-run-around-the-house phase? So, yeah, any neighbors driving past our house around 10 this morning got an eyeful!!

Warning: Bare-bottomed picture of Derek ahead--you may want to close your eyes!


Is it okay to post a picture of your baby's bottom on your blog? I wasn't sure.

Was it his morning adventures or last night's excitement that wore him out so thoroughly that he fell asleep on the living room floor?!


laura bull said...

okay... so seriously needed that laugh! i can just see the streaking in the front yard... maybe he comes by it naturally... you know those Harding boys and their Mabee challenge :) Seriously though, good recovery mommy! The last time i tried to take a shower while nathan was awake and roaming, he was going through his "i'm petrified of water and the bathtub" phase and had a serious meltdown. haven't tried it since... we'll have to see. but sometimes you just need to be clean! so... we do what we can :)

The Channings said...

Thanks for the laugh today! I absolutely love reading your blog, Lisa. And remember to let me know if you ever come this way again.

Lisa said...

Laura, I haven't thought about the Mabee challenge in years...what IS it about guys and their desire to be naked?

Dee, I will definitely let you know if I take a trip to Searcy any time soon. I had a friend go down last weekend to visit her two kids there, & thought about having her look you up. But she was only there for a short time & I didn't want to give her something else to do. Did you ever meet my brother, or introduce him to one of your single friends?! ;)

The Channings said...

I haven't seen Trey at Midnight Oil since I found that for sure he's your brother. And, unfortunately, I think he is probably too young for the single friends that I have. Too bad, though, because he's a cutie. Some people say he looks like Noah on The Notebook. Really. (Not that you wanted to hear that about your brother!)

laura bull said...

Lisa... no idea what the fascination is with nakedness and the male species. but well... let's just say i have two in my house and well... :) nathan loves bathtime and it's not because of the water! :)

Lisa said...

Hey, I don't mind people saying my brother's good-looking! I think so too!

The Channings said...

Aren't comments from random people hilarious! This morning I had a comment on the picture you sent me from a guy in Slovakia. Crazy! I deleted it, by the way!

Marie said...

My boys are facinated with their bodies right now. They will strip and examine each other (which can lead to some seroiusly funny comments!). If they had a choice I think they would be "au natural" all day long!

Lisa said...

Do your husbands give you a hard time about WANTING to have clothes on? You know, like normal people?