Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Silly Questions & Probably Sillier Answers

I had so much fun with the last survey that I couldn't wait to do another one! Plus I wanted something fun to do while I'm stuck at home today (we got some snow last night & schools are cancelled). I'll keep it short again. (Same rules: 1--answer what you want to and 2--have fun!)

1. What is your favorite kind of sandwich? (the answer "whatever my wife is fixing" does not count)
2. What is your favorite item of clothing? (the answer "whatever my wife picks out for me" does not count)
3. What is the next date on the calendar that you are most looking forward to? (the answer "whatever my wife's favorite date is" does not count)
4. Have you ever glued your hand to something? (the answer "yes, when my wife made me" does not count)
5. Do you still have your wisdom teeth? (the answer "I did until my wife pulled them out" does not count)
6. Who was your favorite Bible class or school teacher? (the answer "my wife" does NOT count!!)
7. Bonus: Do you have a suggestion for a new Blog Title? I'm keeping the verse above but am unsure about what to make the title. (By the way, if anyone has me listed on their blogroll with "Adventures with My Guys" on it, by all means, just leave it that way. I'm still recording some of our adventures, so it still applies.)

My answers:
1. I love sandwiches! Even easy PB & J! My favorite, though, is a Monte Cristo sandwich, especially served with some strawberry or raspberry preserves.
2. My favorite item of clothing is a new long-sleeved Valentine shirt from Target. ... but ask me again in a few months & I'll have a different answer.
3. The next date I'm looking forward to is February 14. It's doubly fun for me: V-Day AND my half-birthday!! Woo hoo! I'm partying! (I'm also going to attempt spaghetti again for our church's Wednesday night supper, so it'll be quite the adventurous day)
4. I don't recall having ever glued my hand to something ... however, when using Krazy Glue, I inevitably manage to glue two fingers together.
5. I still have all my wisdom teeth. My wisdom teeth, however, are unusual in that I have only 3 & one of them is a baby-sized molar (I call it "my mini-molar").
6. My favorite teacher of all time (both school & Bible, as it happens) is Dr. Ross Cochran, from Harding. I had a lot of good Sunday school teachers, but my favorite is a tie between Mrs. Stockman & my mom. My favorite school teacher was either Mr. Cutler, in 4th grade, or Mr. Smith, my senior physics teacher. (So, apparently, you can choose as many "favorites" as you'd like)


Pat said...

What are you doing up so early?? Is everyone else still asleep? (Wouldn't that be nice?) And I'm up checking to see if subs are needed - no snow here.

1. Fav sandwich? Don't really like sandwiches too much, but I love a great hamburger, cooked well done with mustard, tomato, sour or dill pickles (not Kosher), and onion (preferably Vidalia).
2. Fav clothing item? My Crocs.
3. Calendar date looking forward to? Tomorrow, Thursday - I'm hoping to spend "quality/quantity" time with my DH, although having taken two days for unloading Disaster Relief supplies and on Friday he's helping someone move, I don't know for sure if he'll still be able to take "off" tomrrow for us to do something together. I'm hoping we can explore something new to us in Orlando.
4. Glued hand? No, just Super Glued fingers, like you. Oh, and hot glue! Making your sister's jelly fish Halloween costume that year - gluing all those bubble wrap strips to that umbrella frame caused lots of ouchies and probably some lost skin. But just fingers, not the whole hand.
5. Wisdom teeth? Nope, I was probably one of the last to have the in-hospital procedure where they removed all four at once. My youth group friends visited me, one of them a tall mature-LOOKING guy named Gregg Florea borrowed a lab coat and stethescope and pretended to be on the staff. He was a very funny guy. (Gregg, where are you now?)
6. Fav Bible class teacher - Tied - Mrs. Yvonne Rosenquist gave me a little pocket testament, blue, I think, with my name written in beautiful handwriting in the front. The other was Mrs. Wyatt Sawyer, our minister's wife, who taught my VBS class and taught us the new-at-the-time to churches of Christ song, "How Great Thou Art." I was sick the day the class sang it for the group.
School teacher? How to choose?? High school - Mr. Rutkowski (English), Mr. Hoyt (history), Herry Doyle (German). College - Mr. Lester Perrin taught history at Lubbock Christian, his wife Elaine taught English. I loved my Bible classes but can't remember the names of particular teachers.
7. New Blog title? I liked your old title!!! But I understand your wanting a change, being my daughter and all. But I don't have a suggestion for you at this time.

If I haven't been too long at this, I get to be your first "snappy comback-er". Have a fun day at home with the kids.

Pat said...

Er, that should be "comeback-er".

Marie said...

1. Anything really. I have been eating a lot of Ham and swiss- so I'll go with that right now. Might change soon
2. Fav clothing item? Well, since having 3 kids most of my fav things no longer fit- but I have a sweater that I really like, and it looks good with some cords and my brown boots. ( I have to loose that baby weight!)
3. I guess it would have to be Easter (yes I'm skipping Valentines day). I can't wait to dye eggs with the kids this year. They had so much fun last year.
4. I have glued my fingers together more times that I can count. The perils of being a school teacher, and wiping glue from kids projects! :)
5. I had to have my wisdom teeth cut out in college. They removed 4 of my molars when I was in HS because of overcrowding and my braces- then the wisdom teeth started coming in and messing them up. So surgery- here I cam. Drugs killed me for 3 days!
6. My favorite teacher at HU was either Jimmy Allen or Tom Alexander. I really enjoyed both their classes and I was challenged in my thinking and to learn as much as my head could hold. In HS I didn;'t really have one. I loved several of my teachers. I went to a preforming arts school- so all the music teachers were my fav along with my chem (ms. Purcell) and my senior English (Mrs. Parker)
7. Wish I could help you there. I am re-doing our page and trying to come up with something different maybe. We shall see. I'll think on it for you!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the snow day with your family!

Anonymous said...

#1-Although I'm not much of a sandwich person, I do love a good steak and cheese, but only with pepper jack cheese. I also enjoy burgers, but only with pepper jack cheese. I also prefer bread that's so chewy it requires about 3 minutes of gnawing to allow for swallowing. :)
#2-Right now, my favorite piece of clothing is the Cabella's silk long underwear that I wear every day (my office has icicles hanging from the doorframes).
#3-February 20. Are you familiar with this one? You should be--it's National Pancake Day! YUM.
#4-Maybe it's just me, but I used to glue my fingers together just for fun. I liked to rip them apart and then peel the glue off and discard it on the floor. My mom wasn't fond of this pasttime.
#5-Why you should appreciate my smile: I had 4 permanent teeth and 3 baby teeth pulled AT ONE TIME to make room for all the others. Yes, I walked around with gaping holes in my smile for many months. Braces rescued me. You'd think that I'd have room for those pesky wisdom teeth after all that, but no. I got them removed last year. My mouth has suffered a lot, but hey! My teeth are straight!
#6-My youth group had a tag team of teachers who really meant a lot to me. They struck the right chord with me (that all my past teachers somehow missed) and helped me take the steps to baptism.

Clearly, all our thinking about snow has been successful. Enjoy it, I know I will!

Bob Bliss said...

1. My favorite sandwich is pulled pork (right now from Sonny's).
2. Favorite clothing - long sleeved T-shirts and jeans.
3. Trey's graduation in May.
4. Probably glued a couple of fingers together but can't remember. Obviously it was not a traumatic experience if I did.
5. Yes I still have my wisdom teeth. Can't you tell?
6. Larry Lang (deacon at Lompoc church) is my favorite Bible teacher. He always said something profound during each class. Plus he's a deep thinker and caused me to think deeper than I usually do. Favorite school teacher has a tie: Mr. Spears (6th grade), Mr. Macke (high school), Mr. Abrams (history high school), Ron Swift (Pepperdine), Richard Baggett (Sunset - may be the all time favorite out of this bunch - he has since gone to be with the Lord and I'm looking forward to seeing him again), Mel Storm (Rochester College), Allen Black (Harding Grad), Dave Bland (Harding Grad).

My DW does not make my sandwiches, pick out my clothing (although she occasionally winces at my choices),and has never been my Bible teacher (although we have good discussions on occasion). My DW has probably wanted to use crazy glue on my lips rather than my hands and probably wanted to pull my wisdom teeth oon more than one occasion. I have no idea what her favorite calendar date could be because it changes constantly.

how about Lisa's Life? (do you like the alliteration?)

The Channings said...

1. I love "The Patriot" at McAlisters. There's a small burger joint near Baptist Hosp in LR with the best burgers I've ever tasted. We ate there a few times while Shelby was in hospital.
2. The sweater I wore in our Christmas pic. I love my khaki cords too!
3. Feb. 16, Downtown is having a Parents Night Out for V-day with free babysitting!
4. I don't think I have. My fingers have been stuck together before though.
5. Yep.
6. My favorite teacher at church would be Murphy Crowson, my youth minister. He's now a missionary in Togo. My favorite teacher in school would be my third grade and 8th grade Pre-Alg. teachers.
7. Sorry, can't help you.

Trey Morgan said...

Ang ... you're killing me. No "wife" stuff? Your "wife" things were nearly as good as mine. You got to admit, it was funny.

1. Sandwich - Hope "hamburger" counts because I don't like sandwiches. The are at the bottom of the food chain for me. But I can sink my teeth into a big, fat, juicy burger with everything on it. Yum, making myself hungry.

2. My hoodie. Versital, practical and always appropriate. I can go running, come home, through on a hoody and go.

3. Right now I'm focused on February 18th - DAYTONA 500 baby. Yippee. Love that NASCAR.

4. No glued objects. Although I've been called Tim "the toolman," I've yet to do that.

5. No wisdom teeth. Unfortunately being a "Morgan" means your wisdom teeth will come out by the time you're 17. Just ask my 17 year-old wisdom-toothless son.

6. Teacher was Mrs. Gailey. Fifth grade. She made me sit down and listen. She told cool stories like Samson. I'd sit there and dream he was from Texas. And I'd always think to myself, "Wow, killed 1000 Philistines with the jawbone of an donkey." I always wondered what the 1000th guy was thinking as he stepped over the dead 999 guys. "I think I'll have a go at the ole' boy."

7. Blog - I'm thinking a "hip hop" theme. Kidding

So, did I get a 100? Did I pass? I didn't metion my wife!

Trey Morgan said...

Sorry that was supposed to say "Arg ... you're killing me." You know thinks like Pirates say!

Lisa said...

Umm, yeah, Pirate Trey, you got 100.

But yes, your wife-answers were pretty funny. I would never have thought of that. Maybe that's because I am a wife & I don't need my husband to do anything for me except fix things. I'm thinking if your nickname is "Tim the toolman," your wife doesn't even want you fixing things.


I think maybe Adria likes pepper jack cheese. :) I'm starting to wonder about you ... Is Feb. 20 really Pancake Day? I'll have to remember that. Do you happen to know what the Virginia Heroes Day is? You've lived in VA a while. And, yeah, thanks for helping me think snow. Did you have some hot chocolate to keep you warm. We all did after playing out in the snow today (well, I wasn't playing, but the rest of them were). By the way, I used to rub Elmer's glue all over one of my hands or just a finger or two, let it dry & then peel it off.

Mom, I remember that jellyfish costume. That was awesome. If I recall correctly, I had a really cool & really complicated costume that year too. I don't know how you do it all. You're my hero. :)

Marie, in the pictures I've seen of you, you still look great! What baby weight?? I look forward to seeing your completed blog layout. Do you have fun changing it up like I do? Or am I the only one obsessed with that kind of thing?

Dad, I knew there had to be some secret to your excessive amounts of wisdom. Are you serious about alliteration? You do know what my initials are, don't you?

Thanks everybody for being such good sports! It is so fun for me to get online & see the responses to my silly surveys! I didn't know there were actually people who existed that don't like sandwiches. I guess you learn something new everyday. I'll let hamburgers count. No problem.

Lisa said...

Whoops, I went to go check out the sweater you were talking about, Dee, & I forgot to include you in the wrap-up. I like that sweater on you too. I can see why it'd be a favorite. We've had parents' nights out for V-day before too, but not this year. I like the idea, though. Hope you guys have fun!

Bevin said...

1. Im a pretty big fan of the grilled cheese-yum. I had this grilled cheese the other day at a friends house that had 2 diff. kinds of cheese, pesto, and red peppers on it-it was so good!! Yum!
2. Not sure at the moment-anything that fits I guess since I still havent lost all that baby weight.
3. Im not sure about what the next date Im looking forward to is-I guess not a specific date, just the next night Corey, Cooper, and I get to hang out at home.
4. I dont think Ive ever glued my hand to something.
5. No wisdom teeth-had all 4 cut out before they even came in when I was like 16 (my mom used to work at an oral surgeon-there was no chance of keeping those things.)
6. Favorite teacher would have to be my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Nelson-she was the best.

laura said...

Okay... Nathan's still down for the count, so let's see how many I can get done before he wakes up...
1. What is your favorite kind of sandwich? When I was waiting tables in Richmond, the owner made the best grilled cheese sandwich... three different cheeses, but the secret was in the bread... sourdough (so that the bread doesn't get soggy) yummmm!
2. What is your favorite item of clothing? My new Banana Republic jeans that fit perfect and were only 7 bucks at a discount store when I was home this fall... you gotta love a good bargain!
3. What is the next date on the calendar that you are most looking forward to? I'm so with you on the Valentine's Day thing because Gary and I are going to have a chance to go on a date and celebrate Valentine's day while Bolivia waits for theirs (which we'll celebrate too :) the beauty of living in another culture is you get two V-day's, Mother's Days, Father's Days... etc)
4. Have you ever glued your hand to something? It seems like I'm always super gluing something to my fingers.
5. Do you still have your wisdom teeth? They're all gone, Gary's too (which is a pretty funny story for another day) but how crazy is it that my sister had 6 wisdom teeth!
6. Who was your favorite Bible class or school teacher? Bible class teacher... my mom. Not when I had her though, but when she taught the two year olds and I was able to help her. College - Monte Cox hands down.
7. Bonus: Do you have a suggestion for a new Blog Title? How about "Outnumbered" :) Because a mommy of another little man, I feel your pain :) although I know neither of us would trade our men for the world!

jonandjen said...

1. Grilled cheese sandwiches!
2. My Wheaton sports pants that are great to lounge in.
3. March 2 -- I get to meet my new nephew and spend a week with family!
4. Nope.
5. I have no, I mean wisdom teeth.
6. AP Psychology teacher my senior year of high school: Ms. Waugh.
7. Have not a clue

the third of its kind... said...

1. favorite sandwich? tough...I love the oil's #4 the "untitled" (named after Led Zep's fourth untitled album) with avocado's turkey and ranch toasted. and philly cheesesteaks and subs. But my all time fav is bagette roll with chicken and egg...had one in good.
2. favorite clothing item? again a tough one. I love my lucky jeans I got in Amsterdam, my merrell shoe's I got in england but I have a lot of items I will switch to favorite and try and wear for weeks till something else grabs me. Oh I guess though my all time favorite would be white v-neck tshirts. the cheaper the better usually. Don't know where this started but I can't not wear one. 6 days of the week you will see one on me.
3. Calender date...hmm...spring break but more importantly GRADUATION!!! while I don't want to grow up just yet, it will be nice to be out of harding and school.
4. glued hand? I don't think so. I'm pretty handy.
5. wisdom teethless here. pulled i think 2 or 3 years ago. I also told mom I was fine to drive home. Luckily she knew better and I realized she knew better when I poured chocolate shake down my shirt b/c my mouth was numb and didn't even notice till she pointed it out.
6. favorite teacher? I love mr. crumbaugh back in the day b/c he gave huge chocolate bars for memorizing verses. and joe gasior my senior year physics teacher as well as mr. moran my poetry teacher who finally convinced me not pursue teaching. But all time would be a combo Randy Willingham and Ros Cochran. for two years of bible classes I had them back to back Randy in the fall, Ross in the spring. Strangely they have opposite styles and Randy being very confrontational, inadvertantly destroyed the church and some of my believes, only for Ross (the soft spoken type) to rebuild them on firm foundation in Life of Christ and New Testament Church. Harding should look into recommending this tag team affect to students.
7. new blog title? Surveys and Stories from a Semi-satirical supermom? now that father is alliteration.

Brian Nicklaus said...

1. sandwich?
I love all sandwiches but quizno's brisket and ultimate italian are good, Subways pizza sub and melt are good. anything with mozzarella cheese and red peppers is good

2. favorite item of clothing?
blue fleece or, black hooded sweatshirt (which my wife hates), or my blue polyester sleep pants which look like warmups

3. What is the next date on the calendar that you are most looking forward to?
since my wife doesn't read blogs, I don't have to say V-Day. March Madness (technically a fornight plus)

4. glued your hand
don't think so,

5. Do you still have your wisdom teeth? no, I got them out while still in high school, three days of my life I don't remember thanks to drugs

6. Who was your favorite Bible class or school teacher?
Dale Manor at harding, Ralph Gilmore, Greg Massey at Freed

7. Bonus: Do you have a suggestion for a new Blog Title?
I thought about using this one, but here you go... "The Blog of Life"

Brian Nicklaus said...

after reading the other post, I would nominate anything on Mcalister's menu, especially their club...

Paula Harrington said...

What is your favorite kind of sandwich?

I'm with Trey. It's a burger.

2. What is your favorite item of clothing? Khakis and a comfortable top

3. What is the next date on the calendar that you are most looking forward to? Tomorrow! Going to Freed-Hardeman lectureships.

4. Have you ever glued your hand to something? Uh, No. Why? Has everybody else and I'm missing out on something??

5. Do you still have your wisdom teeth? Three of them

6. Who was your favorite Bible class or school teacher? Hilda Miller-One of the sweetest Christian ladys you'll ever meet.

7. Bonus: Do you have a suggestion for a new Blog Title? I'm keeping the verse above but am unsure about what to make the title.

"Lounging around with Lisa"

Brian Nicklaus said...

how about
Lisa Lisa and the Strawberry Jam

Lisa "three finge"leichner
(there was a baseball player with that nickname)

Brian Nicklaus said...


"three finger"

Loni said...

Man, I wish I had as much time as you to sit and write blogs. I feel like I don't have enough time in the day. I am either at school, curves, church or at home ready to sleep. Hopefully I will get through your survey before I fall asleep.

1. My favorite sandwich is probably Asiago Roastbeef from Panera Bread. I love having it with a cup of Cheddar Broccoli soup!

2. I go through many favorite articles of clothing. Right now it is a shirt I got from Bealls. (It is the blue one I wore to Cracker Barrel and am wearing in my picture on my blog.)

3. I am looking forward to February 19th, President's Day. Yes we in Florida call it that! It is my next day off from school. Yea!

4. I don't think I have ever glued my hand to anything, but I have hot glued a finger before. I have probably glued the wrong thins together as well.

5. I had my wisdom teeth out when I was in college. No problems there. I definitely could have driven home since I had no pain & was very lucid. I was surprised at how easy it all was. I do remember waking up & them taking me to lay down. They gave me a pick blanket & I thought that was sexist or something like that. My favorite color is blue, not pink just 'cause I am a girl!

6. Favorite teacher was definitely Mr. Day (4th grade). I wrote him over this past summer to tell him that he is part of the reason I am now a teacher. Favorite in high school was probably Mr. Smith. College was Mr. Cochran (Bible) & Mr. Stamatis(Reading).

7. I like the old blog title, but Dad's or Trey's is pretty cool!

dee's husband said...

1. Sandwich - turkey
2. Dee really likes me in a particular pair of khakis!
3. well, Valentines Day is coming up this month
4. My fingers have been stuck together before.
5. 3 of them
6. Ross Cochran at HU; yearbook advisor and art teacher in high school.
7. nope, sorry.

Malia said...

1. whatever David fixes for me
2. whatever David thinks looks best
3. whichever one David is looking forward to
4. yes, it was David's fault
5. I pulled them out myself one day when David was driving me crazy
6. David
7. whatever David thinks it should be

;) (see, I didn't say "wife!)

Alright, alright...the real answers:
1. It looks like I'm in the majority with this one: I love me a good grilled cheese sandwich! 2 or 3 cheeses, a yummy sourdough bread, yum! Even better with some crisp bacon in it, oh man, I'm getting hungry!
2. I don't have a single answer for this. It depends on my mood, the weather, the occassion, etc.
3. today! Girls Night Out at Cheesecake Factory! Sweet!
4. not that I recall
5. no
6. Bible class teacher - too many to name! But there is this guy, Bob Bliss, you may have heard of him, he teaches a pretty good class from time to time. ;)

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