Saturday, February 17, 2007

Read my lips, no new babies!! and Fun Stories from Amelia's

After my last post and the subsequent comments, I feel the need to emphasize that there are no plans for any more children in our future. I know that sometimes God has other plans for us and we are not totally in control, and that is fine. If He desires that we have another child, then so be it. If that happens, y'all need to remember that we are just as likely to have a BOY as we are to have a girl. So I want y'all to stop talking about pink yarn and baby sisters and the like. Okay?!

I must have misquoted Jeremy, as I was positive he was talking about a sister for the hermit crab. But I will check with him in the morning and get back to you. He has come a long way in his love for girls, but as far as I know, he (nor his brothers) have had many thoughts of actually having one in our immediately family. In fact, now that I think about it, that's kinda funny because you hear all the time about kids asking for baby brothers or sisters, but I've not heard my kids discussing that. I think that must mean that our family is perfect as is and the boys do not feel they are lacking for more siblings.

{{Update, Sunday afternoon: Jeremy said that it was a sister for the hermit crab that he was asking for. "Yes, I wanted a sister for the hermit crab, a friend for the hermit crab, and a cat." "Jeremy, is the cat for you or the hermit crab?" "For me." So, there you have it. He couldn't care less about having a baby sister, the kid just wants a cat and 2 more hermit crabs.}}

So that's enough talk of all the pink stuff, got it? I've got plenty of my own pink stuff to go 'round.

Now, here are a few funny stories from my last few nights at work (at least I think they're funny). Then I'm going to bed.

On Tuesday night my boss called and said not to bother coming in because freezing rain was beginning to fall, and he knew it'd be so slow that I wasn't needed (the other night-shift girl was already in, so it made sense for me to be the one to stay home). That was the second Tuesday in a row that I wasn't needed, as the previous one we had snow.

On Wednesday night some friends from church (2 couples that we're close to) told me that they had stopped in Amelia's the night before, hoping to see me. I felt really bad about that, but of course, there wasn't any way I should have assumed that someone I knew was going to stop in, nor would I have necessarily gone in anyway, just because I knew someone I knew was going to stop in. I guess I could have warned them, if I had known they were planning to go. Anyway ... they told me that they asked if I was working and their waitress, Angie, a quiet high school girl, said that I was no longer working there!!

The kicker is that my friends actually thought I had been fired!

Angie later told me that she headed away from the table after telling them that and realized who "Lisa" was, not the girl that was fired before I started working, so she ran back to tell them it was a mistake and that I was indeed still working there, but I just didn't come in that night.

Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny.

Last night, Angie told me that she really liked working with me and that she felt like we had been working together forever, rather than just a few weeks. I thought that was really sweet (especially coming from quiet Angie), but I teased her about saying that, since only a couple days before she had forgotten who I was!!

Tonight, Vicki & Mike stopped in with their kids, AND Bevin, Corey & Cooper stopped in too! It was a great night. I had so much fun, and I felt really good that friends had stopped in the restaurant to see me (though Vicki & Mike are fairly regular customers, this was the first time we'd been there at the same time). And I think my boss thought it was pretty cool that I was getting people into the restaurant. I really like working somewhere that gets rave reviews on their food. I've never had anyone complain about the food, and I personally think the food is wonderful too. It is a lot easier to work somewhere, and you can totally mean it when you say, "The food is great!"

Last night a classmate of Nathan's stopped in with his mom. They were just getting take-out, so they were sitting on a bench waiting for the food, and I was able to introduce myself & talk to them a bit. When John, who happens to be one of Nathan's favorite friends at school, said that he really likes our pizza, I said, "Oh, I do too. I grew up in NJ, and the pizza is just like what I used to have, so I love it." His mom's face lit up, and she said, "You grew up in NJ? So did I!!" And wouldn't ya know we grew up like 20 miles apart, in the same county I think. She grew up in Budd Lake & her husband lived in Hackettstown (that knowledge is really for my family who will know where those places are). And when I asked what brought her down here she said that her husband worked for a company called Hercules ten years ago, but after they had a huge explosion (an explosion which we were able to feel 15 miles away, by the way), he lost his job & they relocated down to these parts. And our sons, whose birthdays are THREE days apart, are in the same class at school. I'm telling you, this whole thing just smells of God's planning to me. I cannot wait to see how this unfolds!!

As if that wasn't enough, last night I got home from work, read Neva's post about an explosion at a plant near her home, and I go to leave a comment telling her I will also pray for the men who were injured and their families, and lo & behold, my Dad has left his very first comment on her blog, relating the story of the Hercules explosion that I had just talked about with the woman at the restaurant a few hours before. What is going on in this crazy world?!

Well, that's it for tonight. I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. I had actually planned to go straight to bed when I got home tonight, but Dan was watching a movie when I got in, so I decided to wait up with him ... except, where is Dan now? Oh yeah, he's gone to bed and I'm still here at the computer. Something's wrong with this picture. :)

I will tell you about the earlier part of my day in a later post (consider this my reminder), and some time I'd like to tell you about some of the people I work with, besides sweet, quiet Angie.

((P.S. for Tanya: tonight my boss saw that there was one more slice of pizza left -- the slices that they save for when someone orders just one slice -- and, assuming that I would want it, which of course I did! -- he asked me if I wanted anything on it. It took me less than a second to say, "Oooh, tomatoes!"))


Brian Nicklaus said...

hey, what were you doing posting so late on a church night, young lady?

that's why people are always falling asleep during the sermons. It isn't simply the preacher's fault.

Tanya said...

Hope the pizza was yummy! I love tomatoes on pizza!!

I meant to ask you this morning...are you the one who snuck M&M's in my coat yesterday!? :)

Bob Bliss said...

Ask your new friend why her husband lost his job after the explosion. I'm just curious about it. Did the explosion necessitate cut backs or was it just a coincidence that he lost his job afterwards. I'm sure you won't be able to ask this upfront, but once you get to know them. Anyway, give them a "NJ hello" from Florida for us.

Anonymous said...

Lisa I must say I understand not wanting the pink thing, but it was funny. Uncle Steve always says, "What's wrong with this picture". My comeback - "It's all in the developing" (wink) love ya, Aunt Dawn

Loni said...

Aww, Come on! No pink?!? I wanted to be able to make a cute baby blanket. I guess I will just have to wait till I get married & have kids, or Trey does!

Sounds like you are really enjoying Amelia's. I am glad that God led you to a place that you really enjoy working at. I struggle at times to really enjoy my work. I get so frustrated, usually with the school administration or other staff & their lack of communication, not the students. (Though they do drive me nuts some days!)

I loved reading your post about the boys. It is really great to hear about all their quirks & their uniquenesses! (Is that a word?)

Lisa said...

BN -- I have NEVER fallen asleep during a sermon!
Tanya -- YES!! Weren't you so happy to find them?
Dad -- will do if I get the chance. I thought maybe the plant closed, was I wrong?
Aunt Dawn -- cute. The picture you emailed me is not the plant that had the explosion. The one I was talking about was in Texas.
Loni -- you want to make a pink blanket, make one for me. :) The things you deal with at school, and some of the things Dan deals with, are reasons I am not definitely going to teach when I go to work full-time. It is too much to have to work around ... it seems too difficult to be able to actually do the job you're supposed to do. I have a lot of admiration for teachers these days! Very special people indeed. Love you!

Trey Morgan said...

Lea and I gave up on the "having a girl" idea long ago.

Reason one ... if we tried again we'd either have boy #5 or twin boys.

Reason two ... I already have 4 boys, and I read where every 5th child born in this Chinese. I can't speak that language. :)

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha. Trey, you're too funny.

the third of its kind... said...

seriously lisa? tomatos? I'm disapointed...some jersey girl you are.
strangely enough this reminds me of when I was a kid and you and dad would get veggies on your pizza and I hated it....I now love em...weird.