Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Renaming Lisa's Blog

I was hoping to come up with a title that went along with Galatians 6:9. I sorta liked what I came up with, but thought it could be worded more creatively. But none of you went along with that theme, so I'll have to go elsewhere. I'm actually going to put this to a vote (we do love democracy, do we not?). Here are some suggestions you all gave me, and then I went to the Sloganizer, recommended by Matt Dabbs in a recent post, to see what else I could come up with. Let me know which are your favorites!

1-- "Lisa's Life" (Dad)

2-- "Outnumbered" (Laura)

3-- "Surveys and Stories from a Semi-satirical Supermom" (Trey B)

4-- "The Blog of Life" (graciously given to me by the Blog Prophet)

5-- "Lounging around with Lisa" (Paula)

6-- "Lisa Lisa and the Strawberry Jam" (Brian)

7-- "Lisa 'Three Finger' Leichner" (seriously don't know why Brian thinks that'd be a good one)

8-- "Lisa, Boys, Chaos -- It's like Heaven!"
(this from the Sloganizer after putting in the key words: "Lisa, boys, chaos")

I'm actually torn between several of them, so I'll be interested to see where your votes go. I have to warn you, though, if you vote for #7 I will destroy this democracy & become a dictator.

I put all these titles in the Sloganizer & here's what it came back with:

1a -- "The American Way of Lisa's Life"

2a -- "Outnumbered, there's no better way"
(does anyone else have Trust & Obey stuck in their heads now?)

3a -- "The Power of Surveys and Stories from a Semi-satirical Supermom"
(kinda messes with the alliteration, doesn't it Trey B? I have to do the "B" now since I have 2 Treys)

4a -- "The Blog of Life lifestyle"
(isn't that a bit redundant?)

5a -- "Lounging around with Lisa - You see this name, you think dirty"
(I just don't know about that one!)

6a -- "Lisa Lisa and the Strawberry Jam is your safe place in an unsafe world!"
(this is too funny. I'm afraid to put in the next one)

7a -- "Call a friend, call Lisa three finger Leichner"

Oh man, that was too funny ... maybe it's just too late ... and that, Loni, is your answer to when do I find time to post: I don't sleep, I don't clean the house, and I don't even eat ... much.


Trey Morgan said...

Recently my wife got a little picture that has these words on it... "there's a special place in heaven for mothers with little boys." Would you believe she hung it in the bathroom next to the toilet. She said as she cleaned that area where the "boys" had been she needed to be reminded of that saying. ....

Good saying ... but too long for a blog title. hum ... I'll work on some more ideas

Bevin said...

5a is pretty funny!! hahahaha

Brian Nicklaus said...

the whole "three finger" thing was a direct response to your krazy glue comment.
and I hope at least someone remembers "Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam" from the 80s

otherwise, it was just brian being wierd again

if mine can't win, I would vote for either 2 or 3

Lisa said...

Trey, what is wrong with the titles I gave you to vote on?? Why do you have to come up with some more ideas?

Brian, just the fact that you don't know how to spell "weird" makes you weird. I'm glad to have the three finger thing clarified ... I was beginning to wonder about you. But thanks for at least voting ... that's more than I can say for these other 2 jokers ... and not even for your own sister's title!

Malia said...

I like the plain "Outnumbered" myself. It's simple and says a lot with one word. And I'm nothing, if not simple! But of course, this is about your blog...not mine!

Trey Morgan said...

I like the titles you gave ... just wanted to through that in. And I do remember Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam. I'm an 80's child.

My vote goes for 2a.

Tanya said...

I like the "Outnumbered" one, too!

Brian Nicklaus said...

from Gal 6:9

how about simply

"in due time"

that is NASB, NIV isn't as catchy for that verse

that is catchy, references the verse, and might even make people question what it is

Bill said...

I may be too late, but as I read through the above there were two words that bubbled to the top. These are: Learning and Yearning.

Maybe you could put these together with your dad's suggestion and come up with something that works.


Pat said...

I like Bill's Learning and Yearning. Is it too late for votes on that one? "In Due Time" is clever except that it reminds me of pregnancy. If you want to stay with your mothering theme, I'd go with Outnumbered - very cute and concise. But for spiritual theme and overall, your life and spiritual growth, "Learning and Yearning" works. Glad for the clarification on the three fingered bit.

Loni said...

Man you are no fun!! I was going to suggest going with the three fingered one and then convince everyone to vote on it. Then as I kept reading you shot that one down. I think if we all vote for it you should pick it!!

Seriously, all of the new titles seem nice. Which one do you think fits you the best? Oh, I am also so sorry that I can't read your blog the minute you write it. I know I should anxiously be awaiting the time when you write a new one, but I only just arrived home now (it's after 7:00 pm). I leave around 6:40 am and don't get home till after 6:00 pm most days. I wish I had more time to blog (or that I at least had more interesting things to blog about!)

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I am like Trey, I didn't come to play until the game was almost over.
How about The Loves of Lisa, you could talk about God, your boys, even chocolate.
Just a thought

dee said...

Learning and Yearning sounds good to me. I also like Outnumbered too.

Brian Nicklaus said...

wait, how about this one...

"The Ys Have it"

as in Y chromosome, which you don't have but everyone else in your family does

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the name you have? I love reading about your guys, and it doesn't confuse me when you write about other things. Nana

Philip Murphy said...

Great title. I think you picked a winner.

Sounds like things are going well in your family. I look forward to keeping up with your blog.


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