Friday, February 16, 2007

Sorry for the frequent posting the past couple of days. I guess I've had a lot to talk about.

**NB, I'm sorry I didn't immediately realize who you were. Please try again. I am not trying to be intrusive, I would like to meet you. I was limiting myself to people I already knew when trying to come up with someone whose initials were "NB," ... and I can be an idiot sometimes. Maybe you'd prefer not to have an idiot for a friend, anyway, and I wouldn't blame you for that. :)

We were at the pet store today getting some supplies for our hermit crab, and Jeremy asked me repeatedly if we could get a pet for the hermit crab. I said at some point we could get another hermit crab to be its buddy, but it'd probably be a while.

A few minutes ago, Jeremy asked me, "Mommy, can we get a sister [for the hermit crab] and a friend for our hermit crab?"

Jeremy & Derek are now picking out names for our "new hermit crab." The names include "Peace" (which is what J really wanted to call our last one), "Kitty Cat," "Jeremy Christopher," and "Hemrit" (Yes, I spelled that right).

Don't miss the last few posts!
You'll be very sad if you do.


Neva said...

Wonderful story!! My son, Nathan killed our goldfish because he kept catching it and "petting" it. Good luck with your new pet!! My boys had snakes, tarantulas, horned toads, frogs and birds. I hear little girls like cats! :)
Love ya

laura said...

I remember there was a family in Brownwood who had three kiddos. When their mom was pregnant with the fourth someone asked them what they were each hoping for... the oldest (their only boy) asked for a brother (who wouldn't with already two little sisters), the middle girl another sister of course, and the youngest daughter a kitty cat. I laugh everytime I think of little Rachel expecting her mommy to come home from the hospital with a new kitty cat for the fam!

NB said...

Sorry to have bothered you. I must have made a mistake. Sorry!!!

Bobby Cohoon said...

Hmmmmmm Jeremy sounds like my kind of kid; I have never met an animal I didn't want. :-)


Lisa said...

NB, what mistake did you make? I just didn't get your email and I didn't know who you were. I remember now that I've seen your comments on a mutual friend's blog. If you'd like to try again, email me at I really would like to hear from you!!

Pat said...

I vote with Jeremy for the sister!

Lisa said...

I might not have made that very clear, but Jeremy was asking for a sister FOR the hermit crab. :)

Trey Morgan said...

Hi NB,

Glad to see you out and around. I've got an old crusty dog named Cocoa and a cat named "Dummy-cat"

Yea, really!

Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

Nice to meet you Lisa. I noticed a comment on another blog and followed it to here. I see Bobby Cohoon on here and know him too.

If you have never stopped by my blog I invite you to do so.

Bobby Valentine
Tucson, AZ

Pat said...

I STILL vote for a sister for Jeremy.

Paula Harrington said...

I second what Pat said :)

Brian Nicklaus said...

are you sure he was talking about a crab sister and not a baby sister?

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa I have plenty of pink yarn if needed. As for the hermit crab just give it a pink shell. By the way the icy trees were really funny. We actually had some here this week. Love ya, Aunt Dawn

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