Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pop Quiz, Lisa-style

Okay y'all, if you've been around a while, you know the drill ... if not, here are the "rules": 1--Answer what you want to. 2--Have fun.
  1. What kind of toothpaste do you use?
  2. What's your favorite salad dressing?
  3. What's your favorite type of music?
  4. Have you ever been out in public in your pajamas (as an adult)?
  5. What's the most daring thing you've ever done?

So, that's it! Short & sweet, I kept it easy for you. I'll leave my answers as a comment for anyone that's curious.


Lisa said...

1--Crest Vanilla Mint (I thought it seemed a strange combo. at first, but I was intrigued--indeed, it's minty while you're brushing & there's an aftertaste of vanilla that's sweet & refreshing! ... okay, it was on clearance & I was curious)

2--My favorite salad dressing is raspberry vinaigrette, & my favorite brand that makes it is Kraft Light Done Right. Not normally a "Light" fan, but I love this stuff!

3--I'm not sure why I asked this question since I don't really have an answer. There is not one type that's my favorite. I have always listened to all types since my younger days when my Dad had us listening equal-time to oldies, classic rock & the latest pop music. These days, I always have my car radio on the Christian station, mostly because there are lots of types of music played (even though it's all labeled "Christian") and it's a safe bet when you have kids in the car.

4--As a college student, I'm pretty sure I wore pajama pants during finals week a time or two. Since then, I think the only time I've left the house in PJs was to take the dog out (not sure if that counts, even though this is my quiz & I make the rules)

5--Okay, I'm a pretty big wimp, so there's not a whole lot I've done that's daring. When we were dating, Dan & I used to go to a place near Searcy, AR, called Bluff Hole. There was a cliff you could climb up & people liked to jump off into the deep pool below. No ... I never jumped off, but just climbing on the edge of the cliff WAS pretty scary.

the third of its kind... said...

1. tom's natural.
2. basalmic vinegrette.
3. music....eceltic I guess. i like almost everything. mostly stuff like g. love jack johnson or ben harper.
4. pajamas? no...firstly I don't own
5. most daring thing? maybe free traveling europe by myself? flew to amsterdam and stayed with people I barely knew. took the train from paris to switzerland with nothing but a phone number and address and the wrong kind of money. stayed in venice in a hostel by myself where I arrived at 11pm by train. took an overnight from rome to paris by myself. I think that's pretty daring.

Paula Harrington said...

What kind of toothpaste do you use?

Crest with Scope

What's your favorite salad dressing?

I'm not a big salad eater. I'd rather have a cheeseburger :)

What's your favorite type of music? I love all kinds but mostly tune into country.

Have you ever been out in public in your pajamas (as an adult)? Oh yes! We occasionally have PJ day at school.

What's the most daring thing you've ever done?

Daring or embarrassing? Because I have lots of embarrassing! I can't think of the most daring? Maybe trying to raise five kids. Wait did you say daring or craziest thing? :)

The Channings said...

1. Aquafresh or Crest
2. Honey Mustard
3. Christian
4. The only time I've ever been out wearing pj's was freshman year at HU when a group of us all wore them to dinner. I've gone out to mailbox, in them as a real adult, but that's it.
5. I've been rapelling a couple times. That's about it.

Marie said...

1 Colgate Total
2. Raspberry Vinaigrette- I love the Vermont Farms fat free (tastes just like the regular)
3. mainly Christian mixed with kids (Christian and preschool) The kids want to listen to the local Christian and Caleb knows the tune and words to many of the songs
4. I wore them home from the hospital after all 3 of my c-sections. They didn't hit the incsion line. I pretty much wore them every where for at least a week or tow after(until I could handle sitting in jeans or other pants witha zipper)
5. most daring? learning to drive in snow- in the dead of a Michigan winter (not smart- at least I still had a Florida tag on the car so people were a little nicer to me if I got stuck in a drift!)

Anonymous said...

1. Crest Pro-Health. My dentist gave it to me this week so I thought I would try it. It's "okay."
2. Same as you - raspberry vinaigrette, although I don't keep it at home.
3. Christian college tapes - Harding especially
4. Once at an adult birthday breakfast party for a lady at church
5. Taking my daughter on the train to Prague when I had only been there once before and felt over-confident about getting around.


Malia said...

1. currently using colgate total fresh mint(?) - don't really have preferred, I'm not at all intrigued by the new toothpaste "flavors" though!

2. Ha! I liked Paula's answer! Gotta love a woman who's honest about preferring cheeseburgers over salad :) I'm a Ranch girl, myself.

3. no favorite types, I do have favorite artists and that's an eclectic mix

4. (this is the question that really made me comment here) YES! And it was yesterday, in fact! I had to take Emily to work (she had a flat tire), her office is near a bagel place that David likes. He had stayed home yesterday not feeling well. I decided that I didn't care I was still technically in my pajamas (the clothes I slept in - sweatpants, a long sleeved t-shirt with a short sleeved t-shirt over it and my furry purple slippers!) I had a jacket on, too, so except for the slippers, it wasn't terribly obvious that I was still in my pj's! I got us a couple of bagels with cream cheese and headed back home.

5. wouldn't you like to know! sorry, that's not something I'll easily divulge.

jonandjen said...

1. Crest Mint
2. Balsamic vinaigrette, love Emeril's and Newman's. We like Newman's because they give some of their proceeds to charity.
3. I love country, but my music taste depends on my mood. I love jazz, blues, Christian, alternative, some classical, Latin, R&B...just depends on my mood. But country is there most of the time.
4.Absolutely, in college on Saturdays I would walk to the student center all the time to get my mail or a late breakfast since I usually slept past the cafeteria hours. And to take a final at 8am I remember wearing pajamas.
5. Standing on the side of a train trestle while the train was rolling by, bungee swinging (2 times). I can't think of others, but those will work. I like the rush.

Bill said...

What kind of toothpaste do you use?

whatever my wife buys

What's your favorite salad dressing?

anything but bluecheese

What's your favorite type of music?

live music...if my wife or one of the kids decides to tickle the ivories, I can listen for hours.

Have you ever been out in public in your pajamas (as an adult)?

Yes. But no one probably knew it (until now). I usually sleep in shorts and a T-shirt. I've been known to make a morning run for milk, or something like that, in my p.j.'s

What's the most daring thing you've ever done?

It would probably violate the terms of the witness protection program if I answered this question candidly. So, I will have to reserve comment on this one. I did jump off of a bridge once.

Anonymous said...

1. Crest
2. Kraft Ranch (and lots of it)I also like it warm on steamed vegs. and chicken nuggets
3. Country and Hymns
4. Of course
5. Jumping off a diving board without being able to swim
Have a good day. Love Aunt Dawn

Matt said...

jonandjen - must have been the place outside of Searcy, huh?

jonandjen said...

Yep, it was right outside of Searcy. It was likely one of the worse nights to do this as it was the December 2000 icestorm and the trestle was so slippery. I remember thinking that my father would KILL me if he knew...he works for the railroad!

brian said...

toothpaste: crest or colgate

salad dressing: italian robusto

music: anything with strings... blugrass, bob dylan, volins

PJs--had flannel pants in college, wore them to subway

daring?--jogged around a piazza overlooking florence, Italy in only my tennis shoes and underwear

brian said...


Pat said...

1. Mentadent - and I'm not crazy about trying new flavors. I like to stick to the familiar one.
2. Olive Garden - I buy a bottle while at the restaurant.
3. Christian, oldies - particularly the 70's, some classical, some country.
4. No.
5. Public speaking - speaker at Ladies' Days. And I COULD NOT have done it without the Holy Spirit!

Anonymous said...

#1-Toothpaste? I'm unfamiliar with this product. (OF COURSE I'm kidding, that's just gross.)
#2-I enjoy anything involving poppyseeds or sun-dried tomatoes, but not together.
#3-I can tolerate almost anything, but I prefer what my mom calls "angry" music--rock and roll.
#4-My pajamas involve a tank top and bloomers, (Sorry, was that an overshare?)
#5-Brace yourself: The other day, I summoned up all my courage and crossed the street without looking!! Crazy, right? What can I say, I'm wild like an animal.


Brian Nicklaus said...

TMI, sorry about that...but if you get a group of missionaries together who don't believe in getting drunk or hiring a stripper, that's what a bachelor party ends up looking like.

yeah, pretty sad.

Trey Morgan said...

1 - (toothpaste) Whatever my wife buys me.
2 - (salad dressing) Whatever my wife puts on the table.
3 - (music) Whatever my wife is listening to.
4 - (pajamas) My wife won't let me wear them in public
5 - (most daring moment) Posting things about my wife on a blog comment for everyone to read.

Kidding ... she is a wonderful, sweet, darling wife. I'm blessed!

Loni said...

Sorry I haven't gotten to this sooner. I have been too busy preparing for FCATs AHHHH! Pull my hair out!

1. My favorite toothpaste is Colgate Fresh Confidence (with Whitening). It has to be the gel kind. I hate regular toothpaste.

2. I love ranch dressing, especially with different types of veggies.

3. I absolutely love Contemporary Christian music. I usually listen to it in the car on the way to work. Definitely a great way to start off the day!

4. I wore pajamas to work just before Christmas. Of course I am a teacher & we were having a pajama Christmas party & watching The Polar Express.

5. I am not very daring. I do love to go on roller coasters that go upside down. The faster and crazier the better.