Sunday, February 11, 2007

I couldn't wait ...

So what do you think?
(If you don't like it, I don't want to know.)

Scroll down, because I've made some other changes as well. Stay tuned for some more pictures! (My computer's too slow & I'm too impatient to do any more than that for now)


Bill said...

I love it! We definitely won't have any trouble remembering that.

Hope your family has a blessed Lord's Day. I just hope the minister doesn't preach too long!


Lisa said...

Ha! I hope that comment was in response to my comment over at Finding Direction! (for everyone else, the preaching too long thing is sorta an inside joke--don't take that literally, especially Tom!)

Thanks, Bill. Hope your preacher doesn't preach too long either! :)

Pat said...

Love it! Short, sweet, and I like the sub-title, too. Good choice.

laura said...

Beautiful! I have to say I'm a little biased, and alot proud that I still seem to have a creative bone in my body, but you my friend have a creative spirit and I'm excited to watch the ways that the Lord continues to work through you, your thoughts, your dreams, your words! God bless!... AND the New Year letter was beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to send it to us!

Neva said...

Love the title and the subtitle and the sweet spirit of every post is refreshing every day.

Brian Nicklaus said...

well-done, simple title, great tagline, everyone will be confused about the "Y"s but thanks for including it.

Lisa said...

Well, I'm glad you all like it. Especially since I told you not to tell me if you didn't. :)

I don't think the Y's part is confusing, Brian. I knew what you were saying right off. Maybe that's 'cause of all of Dan's references to the Y's in our house. Maybe just the guys & other women with too many guys will get it.

Laura, thanks for letting my use your "creative bone." I definitely like having a simple title (I tend to use too many words--have you noticed?).

It's always such a compliment & so uplifting to hear from so many of you. God bless!