Thursday, February 15, 2007

Peanut Butter Poisoning

Just in case you were wondering ... my family is fine. I hope everyone else is too. :) There's been a recall of Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter. I actually do have a can with a lot number on it that was recalled, but we haven't yet opened it. If my sister-in-law Terri hadn't called me today to let me know, however, I would have used it for lunches tomorrow.

I had to dig through the trash to find the lid of the last peanut butter jar, the one I used to make Dan's sandwich this morning. Sure 'nough ... it had the wrong number on it!! So, THAT's why I've been having stomach issues all week!! Yuck. Fortunately, miraculously, no one else seems to have been affected. Yay! (I know "yay" is traditionally spelled "yea" but I think that's changing. I like this new spelling better anyway. Since I don't plan to use the word for any formal writing assignments any time soon, I think I can spell it however I'd like)

So, if you live in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or Tennessee, & you have a peanut butter lid with a long number beginning with 2111- ... don't eat it!! I also heard that you can take it back to Kroger, Wal-Mart or Food Lion for a refund.

I guess I'll be going to the store tonight for some Skippy. :)


Neva said...

So, it doesn't matter if you live in Texas and have that lot number? Coz' this morning Ned said we have a jar with that number.
Oh, and by the way, Happy Half birthday.

Peace and prayers

NB said...

I just checked the peanut butter jar. Yes, our jar starts with 2111 but our state is not listed.I thought we were battling the flu... now I wonder.

Lisa, I got your message. Did you get my email?

Loni said...

We are getting the peanut butter too! Some of the teachers at school were talking about it today. One of them loves peanut butter, but luckily she hadn't had a chance to open her jar yet. Apparently there is some salmonila (sp?) poisoning in the jars. Don't know how that happened.

I love the pictures on your blog of the boys!

Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

This was a national recall, not just the states you mentioned. NC has had several people affected, but no deaths. From what I read in the paper here, it makes you "deathly" ill, so I don't think stomach flu can be mistaken for it, but who really knows! Nana

Trey Morgan said...

Mine had the 2111 number too ... I just through it away.

Lisa said...

Trey, you really do have a hard time with the words "throw" and "threw." :p!!! Another thing you have in common with my Dad -- needing your wife to proofread your writing. That makes me laugh.