Monday, February 12, 2007

Some new blogs I've come across

Some of you may have noticed comments from some "new" people lately. So I want to introduce you to ...

Bill at the Spiritual Oasis, who coined the "Learning and Yearning" phrase above in my Blog subtitle. After I told you about a great post he wrote a month ago or so, he saw that people were going over to his blog from mine. I've enjoyed having him around ever since. :) If you're looking for more blogs to read that are written by Christians, check out his extensive blogroll. He does some exploring to find blogs that will encourage, uplift, inspire & challenge and is very willing to share his findings!

Two lovely women that Bill found before I did are Kathy & Neva. They are excellent writers that you will enjoy reading! (Neva was the inspiration for listing some of my "loves" in the subtitle.) To use Kathy's words, the three of us are scattered out through the generations, but I sense we are kindred spirits (despite the fact that they're from Texas).

Trey Morgan, a preacher from the huge state of Texas, has been a regular reader & commenter for the past couple of weeks. It is a bit confusing having another Trey around, but he's brought a lot of insight & good thoughts, so we'll keep him. :) Check out his blog Rediscovering Church, Rediscovering Jesus sometime; you'll be glad you did! (He's also the father of 4 boys, and you gotta love someone who can handle so many boys!)

Here are some other interesting blogs I know about that I haven't mentioned before.

Chris Gallagher's latest series of posts is on Disagreements. You'll find it very interesting! Gallagher is also indirectly the reason I began the whole new Blog title search. I won't get into how that all started, but it had to do with Galatians 6:9, which you'll see isn't even still up there! It has been moved to the left, and it was the inspiration for the "doing right, doing good" theme above.

Patrick Mead has recently begun a series on "Hidden People." It's fascinating!

If you are interested in what life is like in American Samoa, an old acquaintance of mine & Dan's from Harding lives there with his wife and three children. Philip Murphy is witty and fun to read.

[[If you try to keep up with a long list of blogs, and you go to each site every day checking for a new post, you ought to try something like Bloglines (a button in my sidebar will take you there) or Google Reader. They will alert you to a new post, so you don't have to check each one every day (or several times each day)!]]

Your help on choosing a new Blog title is very much appreciated!
Thanks to Brian for "the Y's have it" and his desire to mention gluing my fingers together in my Blog title. He's probably disappointed that I haven't changed my middle name to "Three-finger," but I don't suppose he can complain what with all the contributions he did have for the title. Thanks to "little" brother Trey for his Supermom contribution (I loved your alliteration, even though I only kept one of the S's!), and to Paula who may not have realized she gave me the idea for "sleeping in on Saturdays" (the train of thought was as follows: "lounging around with Lisa," hmmm ... lounging ... in PJs ... sleep ... sleeping in ... the only day I get to sleep in -- til 8:00 sometimes! -- is Saturday ... and there you have it). Certainly much thanks goes to Laura, who let me borrow her "creative bone" by donating a clever blog title. I love the simplicity of it--especially since I have a tendency to use too many words (among other things such as the parenthesis, quotation marks, ellipses, etc.). Shocking to learn that, isn't it?

Thanks also to those of you who voted, contributed other titles, offered jokes to keep us laughing, and keep me encouraged in so many other ways -- mainly that you keep reading this silly blog of mine! I can't believe that you're still here, but what a joy it is. Many of you also keep up ongoing email discussions with me, or let me keep pestering you with them, and those too encourage me in ways for which I can't begin to thank you. I'm still amazed by the added benefits I've received from blogging that I couldn't have anticipated when I began.

Grace and peace to you all,
(thanks to Paul for his inspiration from Philippians -- man, everyone's inspiring me these days!)


Bill said...

Sure glad our blogging paths have crossed. Thanks, also, for the tip-of-the-hat re: the blogroll. Keep up the good work here, Lisa!


Trey Morgan said...

"I think we'll keep him." ??

Thanks for letting me stay. I feel like an old stray dog. :)

Oh, I like the kids. Goodlooking boys. Jeremy looks a lot like you, but I think it's the costume where I see the similarities. ha

Thanks for the nice plug of the website too. You're good to me!

Lisa said...

You're welcome, gentlemen. :) It's my pleasure to send other friends to your blogs where I know they will be uplifted & challenged & informed. God bless you both in your ministries!

Trey, don't feel like an old stray dog! You know it was just a joke. And I know you know because of your return joke about me looking like a skunk ... or is it the "stinker" comment that I resemble? Yes, I am a stinker.

It's actually Derek that looks the most like me. His baby pictures compared to mine. Jeremy looks the most like Dan, & Nathan looks like a niece of ours on Dan's side, and his baby pictures looked the most like Dan's father. It's amazing how kids can take on various aspects of each parent, yet look like clones of each other, as people often commented each time we had a new baby. I think they look less & less like each other as they get older, though.

Thanks for stopping by & letting me know, guys!

Trey Morgan said...

Honestly ... I bet they are great boys. 100% pure boys. That's the way I like them. Full of life. I've got two that are MUCH fuller of life and spirit than the other two.

Are yours as different as mine?

Lisa said...

Personality-wise? Yes, they are very different. It's actually pretty interesting how much they match up to my sister, brother & me. It must be a birth order thing. :) My oldest, Nathan, is a lot like me (outgoing, bossy, friendly), though he has inherited his father's intelligence (before my parents or grandmother or anyone else chimes in with a "Lisa, you're very intelligent too!" I'll qualify that with "yes, but Dan is much more so, & Nathan has gotten that from him more than me.") Jeremy has a personality similar to my sister--smart, but other aspects stand out more--strong-willed, more reserved until he's comfortable with a group & then he'll talk your ear off, athletic--though that's not necessarily from my sister--Ha! Clever, dramatic, fun-loving. Derek is the charmer, the most talkative, the most likely to use tears manipulatively. That's my brother in a nutshell, though I haven't seen him cry in a long time. :) I don't know if this is like my brother, but Derek also loves making a big mess and getting into things that he shouldn't. Yes, all children are like that to an extent, but Derek's curiosity & nosiness astound me at times.

Maybe I should post on the kids sometime again, it's been a while & I have some new readers that don't know them!!

laura said...

Okay, I'm going to lend my creativity very sparingly in the future to you my dear friend if the Texas bashing does not come to a quick end! Just kidding, we all know that you have to poke a little fun at it, because you just don't understand it :) You know I love you dear friend! I so wish we had had more time together in Searcy, those would have been great memories!

Lisa said...

What Texas bashing?? (she says innocently confused)

Anonymous said...

Laura, don't take the Texas thing too seriously. Since her mother, two grandparents and an uncle were born there and she has many relatives still living there, she really has to be rather careful what she has to say about "us Texans." And, yes, Lisa, you are and have always been, very intelligent, maybe just in a different way than Dan. Nana

laura said...

Nana, No worries, I rarely take Lisa seriously :) Oh... just kidding Lisa! I miss a good humored bantor in English... I've learned that humor is something we gain when we truly are proficient in a language, and I'm just not quite there yet with Spanish. So thanks for keeping my funny bone in shape Lisa :)

Anonymous said...

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